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Clare Dudman was born in North Wales and educated at Leicestershire comprehensive schools, the University of Durham and King’s College London. She has a PhD in Chemistry and has worked as a postdoctoral Research Associate in UMIST, a development scientist in industry, a science teacher, a lecturer and as a creative writing tutor for the WEA and the MA in creative writing at University College Chester. She is a member of the Welsh Academy. She is now an editor with the Writers Workshop and also frequently gives talks about her research, writes articles for websites, magazines and newspapers and generally spends far too much time updating her blog 'Keeper of the Snails'.

In 1995 her children’s novel EDGE OF DANGER won the Kathleen Fidler award and in 2001 an excerpt from WEGENER’S JIGSAW won an Arts Council of England Writers award. This enabled her to travel to north west Greenland, Denmark and Germany to research for the novel.

Clare Dudman

Kamarujuk glacier near Uummannaq, north west Greenland 2001: the site of Alfred Wegener's final expedition onto the ice sheet.



Her research for 98 REASONS FOR BEING involved several visits to Frankfurt, a journey to Heidelberg and some interesting excursions to local medical establishments in the UK for an in-depth examination of leeches and old operating theatres.

The Old Patagonian Express in the Andes
To research for her novel A PLACE OF MEADOWS AND TALL TREES she travelled across the Patagonian desert in a bus, and then took 'The Old Patagonian Express' in the Andes. Along the way she interviewed the descendants of Welsh settlers who came here in 1865. Other research for this novel included intensive courses in Welsh and shamanism.

WEGENER'S JIGSAW and 98 REASONS FOR BEING is published by Sceptre in the UK and Viking in the US. ONE DAY THE ICE WILL REVEAL ALL ITS DEAD (American version of WEGENER'S JIGSAW) is also available as an audiobook in the US read by Christopher Lane. 98 REASONS FOR BEING is also available in Dutch (98 REDENEN OM TE ZIJN, Ambo Anthos), and WEGENER'S JIGSAW will be available in German (WEGENERS LAUBSÄGE, Dielmann) 2009. 

A PLACE OF MEADOWS AND TALL TREES will be published by Seren in 2009 or 2010.

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