Edge of Danger

If I had to listen to this story all day, I could do that.

Pupil at St. Philip’s Junior School (P7), Glasgow

Joe would like to lead a quiet life with his friend Slim Paler, who exists mainly in his head, but one day he discovers arrows chalked onto the pavement and decides to follow them.

A story for 8-12 year olds – winner of the Kathleen Fidler Award.

98 Reasons for Being

…compelling… splendidly affecting…strange and stirring…painted in deliberately rough, Bruegel-like images that succeed in suggesting the material distance of provincial Germany of a century and a half ago…

Los Angeles Times

Hannah Meyer has not spoken for several weeks. She is treated by Dr Heinrich Hoffmann, superintendent of Frankfurt’s insane asylum and writer of ‘Shockheaded Peter’ – a book of cautionary tales for children.

A Place of Meadows and Tall Trees

…Award-winning novelist Dudman has written another powerful contender for honours with this atmospheric, lyrical page-turner…

Western Mail

Follow the adventures of Silas James and his family as they try and establish a Welsh settlement in the cold desert of Patagonia in the 19th century.

Wegener’s Jigsaw

…a beautiful first person narrative of this passionate man’s life.

The Times

A fictionalised account of the the heroic life of Alfred Wegener: Artic explorer, record-breaking balloonist and chief proponent of the idea of continental drift.

One Day the Ice will Reveal all its Dead

Dudman artfully channels Wegener’s voice—prim and fastidious, but filled with longing—so convincingly that her book reads like an artifact of Old World exploration.’

New Yorker

The US version of Wegener’s Jigsaw.

Real Chester

“...a great book and one which I will certainly refer to again in the future. Easy to read and packed with anecdotes, it will encourage the reader to take a new interest in the city.

The Chester Blog

Part of the Real series of ‘psychogeography’ published by Seren. A look at all human life, both present and past, as I walk every street within the walls of Chester.

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