The Bauble Factory, Saltney.

Continuing my walk through Saltney. Here’s the High School: St David’s.  And then St David’s Terrace: one of the earlier streets of houses: the west side a row of red-bricked terraced cottages then more modern semis opening out onto the pavement.   It used to be cinder.  Across the road, slightly later, the builder William Foden constructed houses with smallContinue reading “The Bauble Factory, Saltney.”

A Potted History of ‘Browns of Chester’

In 1791, Susannah Towsey, a draper and haberdasher, moved to ‘more commodious premises’ along Eastgate Street South Row from a shop overlooking the pillory on the Cross. The shops along the Rows then were small, in the form of lockups with shutters that were held open by hooks to the ceiling of the walkways. ThereContinue reading “A Potted History of ‘Browns of Chester’”

River Lane, Saltney.

There’s a path heading towards the river.  It’s unlabelled.  Unofficial then, but I decide to take it.  Two tall metal-poled fences seem to bar the way, but no, there’s a deliberate gap and the path weaves through.  A man emerges from the wooded scrubland to the right.  I start back, pause for a moment, look around me for a wayContinue reading “River Lane, Saltney.”